Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Craigslist Purchase

I should have entitled this post "Why Listening To Your Husband Is The Best Decorating Tip," but honestly, it wouldn't fit on one line.

I am giddy with glee. Not "GLEE," the television show, but the old fashioned glee, happiness if you will.

When I began my search for a headboard, frame and box spring for our six year old daughter, I knew I'd have to get a deal, especially if I wanted to spray paint it. I mean why spend the money if you're only going to change it up? So I did a little math (ouch.)

Here's the thing with "decorating-on-a-next-to-nothing-budget," you really have to spend NEXT TO NOTHING! I'm not talking "I got it at Pottery Barn on clearance" kind of budget. I'm talking dumpster diving. Not really. Well, maybe, in the future. Hmm.

Anyway, so I found a bed (frame, headboard, box spring and mattress) on craigslist. That's right, you heard me. The whole thing was $75! What a steal!

Here's the thing, we didn't need the mattress because we already have one. (Long story short, our youngest went right from the crib to this bed, but the house we currently live in has bunks built into the walls, so we only needed the mattress. Phew.)

Since we're moving, we will now need the rest of the bed. Okay, so would this guy be willing to negotiate without the mattress.

He was. For $50. Plus the 60 minute drive to pick it up. (More math, cost of gas, time, use the minivan instead of the car...)

Husband said uh-uh, call them back and tell them we are only willing to pay $30.

What?!? Are you kidding me? We are going to lose this! Did you see my math? Did I add wrong?

Husband thus began to explain to me his theory in economics (blah blah blah, blah blah blah...) and how when I become a desperate housewife buyer, I will lose in the end.

{I did not raise my hands to my ears and shout "I'm not listening!!" Well, maybe in my mind I did.}

So I called back. And got the wife (yes!) And was willing to leave my name and number just in case (does anyone smell desperation?) And she said...

      "Just a minute, let me talk to my husband..."

There was a smattering of "we haven't gotten any other hits on craigslist..." "I just want to get rid of it..."

And holy-Toledo. We made the sale. And I spent the next two days praising Husband telling him he was right and I was wrong still in shock and thank goodness for his tightness economic prowess, we now have what we need, at a price we could afford.


  1. I lovity love Craigslist!! It is a gem of goodies if you have the patience to look through it all! I can go crazy on it. So glad you found a good deal and bargained for a better deal! Happy Day!

  2. That's awesome, and so is Craigslist! The price you paid is definitely a steal! Congrats on an outrageously good deal! :)

  3. That's an awesome deal! Thanks for your suggestion on using Olioboard for creating mood boards, I will definitely give it a try later. I like your blog, by the way, a new follower!

    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  4. I guess husbands come in handy for something, lol. It's always good to know you've grabbed a bargain isn't it.

    Found you on Bloggy Moms. Have a great weekend, CJ xx

  5. aw! that's really good!! i love good deals. wait... i survive on them :p oh you two must make a lean mean budgeting machine!x

  6. Wow! Very cool! I love Craigslist!

  7. Craigslist is the best!! Have bought everything from furniture, to a bunny, to yard equipment on there!! What would we do without it?! ...nothing like a deal! :)
    A new follower from BloggyMoms,
    ...because Life IS a Poem!

  8. love craigslist. its just about the best thing ever. I've posted a ton of stuff on there and gotten some great deals off it as well. Yay! I would have been worried to call to ask for $30 too. Once its done, your glad you did it though right?!

  9. You got a good deal. I bought a great bed frame from a local yard sale site (similar to craigslist) for my daughter for $30

  10. Wow! What a great bargain! Looking forward to seeing pictures of it!

  11. wow, what a steal! i love finding good bargains like that on craigslist. plus it's always nice when you negotiate and they really lower the price :)

  12. Yay for Craigslist! I went on vacation in LA before and found my apartment through Craigslist! It was such a good deal. :-)


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