Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back Issue Inspiration

During this time of year, you'll most likely find me out and about since it's garage sale season. It's exciting to hunt for treasures that other people deem as trash. This includes back issues of my favorite magazine, Better Homes And Gardens.

Any DIY/decorating girl will tell you there's much inspiration to be found in these magazines, even if they're a few years old.

The best part, (aside from the cost - 25 cents each) is that you can rip 'em apart to pin on bulletin boards or store in a binder without feeling guilty of not loving every single page in it.

Just another thrifty place to find inspiration! For more (free) inspiration, visit their site


  1. I buy back issues anywhere I can find them and my mom saves her's for me. I especially like House Beautiful.

  2. $0.25 each for back issues of BHG is a great deal.

    Now, I know where to look for older issues of decorating mags. It just never crossed my mind to find them in garage sales because I thought people would just throw them out or recycled them. :)



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