Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying Out Some Texas Eats

Smoked BBQ Ribs from Railhead.

I don't know about ya'll (I love saying that!) but I love me some good ribs. And what's the point of going to Texas if you aren't going to sample their cattle, which we saw many of, grazing under trees due to the 100+ degree temps.

Because I like to eat, I kept pestering my brother for the best places for: ribs, authentic Mexican food and sweet tea. Little did I know that I needed to visit my BFF in South Carolina if I wanted the best sweet tea around!

Now that's a big plate of fries!

He would sprout off names of places I've never heard of. And we'd see signs for Chicken Express and Braum's but eventually we'd end up at The Keg, Saltgrass Steakhouse and a little mom and pop shop called El Taqueria Herrera.

Even though we ate out more than we've ever done in a year at home, I swear I lost weight due to lack of appetite 'cause of the heat. Why aren't Texans all 95 pounds?

When we got home I described our stay in Fort Worth this way: it was like living in a hair dryer.

Seriously, the wind and heat never stopped! Husband and I would laugh and say "Look it's cooling down, it's 97 degrees at 9 o'clock at night!"

Anyhoo, we had a nice time there and enjoyed the southern hospitality of many people.


  1. yum yum those texas eats look GRUB!

  2. I remember being in the desert in California, in the aptly names Death Valley, and thinking: it feels like I'm living in a pizza oven. A hair dryer would be just as bad!

  3. ha ha ha. I love this post. One, because I love bbq, tex-mex, sweet tea and texas - not in that order. And TWO, because you hit the nail on the's like living in a hair dryer! Dallas is currently a sweltering 98 degrees and it's 9:00 PM. Tomorrow will be 102! I love Texas, but I hate our summers! Glad you enjoyed some Texas style southern hospitality. If you missed the Modern while in Ft. Worth - you have to come back. It's amazing! xo

  4. I had to show my hubby your post...he loves ribs! Yummm!


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