Site intent:
Information presented on this blog is of my own personal opinion.
Sponsorship policy:
Occasionally I may write a review for a product or company that I support. If I am compensated in any way, I will disclose this on said post.
Advertising policy:
Advertising space on this blog is intended to generate revenue. Advertisements do not influence the content contained within the pages of this site. 
Brand/group affiliations & relationships:
It should be noted that by the nature of my business, I do accept payment for freelance projects and ongoing consulting work from a variety of clients.
I do not engage in business with companies whose products do not match my personal and professional beliefs. Any previous mention of these products in my blog represents my belief that they support my professional and personal goals.
While I have not accepted payment for inclusion into this site by any organizations, it is important to note that I have had in the past or currently do have a monetary relationship (i.e. employment, contract, freelance work or advertisement/sponsorship revenue) or have attended trips/events, or hosted giveaways by the following clients/companies:

CSN Stores
Lenox USA
Shabby Apple
House of Smiths
Re-Tie Accessories
CampusBook Rentals.com
Operation Smile
EZ Living Home