Friday, June 3, 2011

Parenting Is Not For Weaklings

In the controlled chaos of our move, Husband and I have found parenting to have some great challenges. With the span of our children's ages (13, 10 and 6) we, like many other parents, face a plethora of issues.

From modesty issues with dressing to working/practicing/studying to your full potential, to not fighting with your brother/sister. The subjects run deep and wide.

It's exhausting.

A few days ago working with 4th grade LD kids, I asked this group of six boys, "who plays video games at home?" Surprise, surprise. They all did.

When my kids were little, I used to take them to our pediatrician who would say "TV bad, reading good."

That was pretty pointed, but only tackled one topic, now there are more battles; TV, online gaming, social networking, internet perusing, peer pressure, media influencing...the list goes on.

And what about these things? Their potential to permeate our kids' minds/behaviors/treatment of others blows me away-pardon the pun which you are about to read-->. (Someone please tell me how "Call of Duty" the video game where these kids are "blowing up people and blood is flying everywhere" --the boys' words, not mine--is teaching anything to our kids?)

I'm not even going to talk about violence, mature language or desensitization. Read the "Plugged In" review here.

I told Husband, I won't give up (even though there are days when a lobotomy sounds so good.)

I won't fold to allowing our children to be babysat by a TV/computer etc. I won't tolerate less than a best effort, I won't support selfish/rude behavior...we're the parents right? This is supposed to be our job, right? When did we as parents give up raising our children, leaving it to teachers, coaches or heaven forbid, their friends?

So we chug along, praying fervently, trying so hard to role model, teaching, counseling, patiently listening amongst our own innumerable responsibilities (and yes, my dear 13-year-old daughter, we have more responsibilities than even you are aware of!)

Parenting is not a job for the weak. And in the end, it really is our job.

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  1. mmmmmm, this is good good stuff and SO true. My husband plays call of duty with his friends while wearing a headset. It is def. a big deal with guys of all ages but, it will most def. not be played when our children are awake nor will our young sons be playing a game unless it is mario cart or tetris. I am with you 100%...unfortunately so many parents are desensitized these days and they don't realize that exposing their kids to this stuff is not healthy at a young age. So many pressures now for young people in the tech. world. Keep up the great job momma!!

  2. Great post! Stand your ground!

    Our 18 year old is headed into her first real dating relationship. Scary stuff for mom and dad. At this age the only thing I have to hold on to are the values we instilled during her growing up years. At this stage of the game I can pray for her, encourage and remind her of lessons learned but she is now responsible to live them out.

    Teach your children well. It will pay off in the end.

  3. Well said!
    I have nephews whose parents are sorry they know what there kids have done in the past and they are all under the age of 16.
    Video games are not what they were when I was a kid.
    I own a Wii that nobody uses. I dont have cable and only use my computer for FB and youtube. My daughter and I havent watched tv in over a year and we havent missed it.
    Thankfully one of my nephews is a reader as much as he is a gamer. He lived with me for 2 years and we taught him how to appreciate the library.
    Stick with it!

  4. I absolutely agree with that whole Call of Duty thing! Um, that would be a NO! That also includes facebook and a cell phone. Even though he is turning 11 next month he feels he needs a cell phone, Again, NO! When he gets a J-O-B and can afford a cell phone, car payment and insurance then we will talk but until then NO! LOL
    Keep up the good work! They will thank when they have children of their own:-)

  5. amen to your last paragraph friend!

  6. we have wii, cable, and (obviously) a computer. but these things are a privilege that is gained in our home. they are not used in excess, and when used used with caution and wisdom.

    our kids have always known we their parents had boundaries that not all parents have. what another family chooses for their children is their prerogative. we only judge what is best for our family.

    my kids are 13,12, 9 they are the MOST awesome kids i know (i should say that right). they have always been a delight. i know my husband and i put in some hard groundwork in their early days, and continue with Christ to build on that. the fruit harvested in my children is the MOST DELICIOUS.

    may God continue to lead us all in His wisdom, grace, and humility in Christ Jesus.


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