Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Some years I get slighted on Mother's Day. My birthday (which is May 11th) sometimes falls on Mother's Day and then I get the combo gift. That's like having your birthday on Christmas!

I think like most moms, we appreciate anything homemade. Last year's impromptu flowers from the garden, were a treasure, anything chocolate is always well received.

Here are 10 Mother's Day gift ideas I found on the web:

1. A certificate for a spa.
2. A gift card to her favorite store
3. A magazine subscription
4. Food
5. Food you cooked for her
6. Photo (of family, children) related gifts
7. Hand-stamped jewelry (all the rage now thanks to the mommy bloggers)
8. Anything Chocolate

9. Personalized items (like above key holder)
10. Peace (on earth, in the home...quiet in general)

Have a Happy Mother's Day! :)


  1. these are great ideas! i'm on my way out the door to go find something for my mom now...i will definitely keep all of these in mind :) blessings!

  2. Personally, I just like having my family together more than anything. Unfortunately, my oldest daughter is still at college, so she won't be home until the 16th...what a happy reunion that will be! Happy Mother's Day, Suzanne!

  3. Such great ideas! And happy early birthday/mother's day!

  4. Great list!

    I have to laugh. I brought home a new iron to replace one that was leaking the other day. My husband saw it and said, "I was gonna buy you an iron for mother's day". LOL. Clueless.

    Have you tried doing any of the stamped jewelry yourself? I just started playing with it and it is really fun and surprisingly easy. Even stamping on washers from the hardware store is fun and a good way to learn the technique. :)

  5. Great gift ideas...especially the chocolate! ;-) For my Mother's Day gift, my guys usually help me get my flower beds/pots/baskets ready and also help with planting flowers.

    Sorry I haven't commented, lately. I haven't been blogging very much. Your blog looks great!

  6. Love the gift ideas. My mother's day gets slighted every year, but not by my birthday, by my son's. This weekend we are celebrating his birthday with my husband's side, next weekend with my family. Oh well, he is the reason I am a mom and get to celebrate mother's day:)
    I love homemade gifts.

  7. Hey Marlene, I don't hand stamp jewelry (yet) but I won a necklace last year from a dear bloggy friend (Alely) and I wear it a lot! :)

  8. I know all about the combo! My birthday is May 7th! My hubby's birthday is June 18th, right at Fathers Day, & our anniversary is few days before Valentines Day! So yeah, it's either one or the other around here!


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