Thursday, May 19, 2011

Designing For A Princess

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With all the busyness of moving, I find myself daydreaming when I should be sleeping. Amongst the paperwork of mortgage commitments and appraisal reports, I've secretly been designing our youngest's bedroom in my head.

My inspiration? The web. I've found pieces online that I love (but could never afford,) I've visited paint stores (hoarding their paint swatches) and scoured craigslist for treasures (which I'm still working on.)

It's what motivates me to move, again. Husband cringed when I said "paint the woodwork," but I (lovingly) shushed him, because ALL I ASK FOR IS TO LET ME GO WILD IN THIS ONE ROOM, the rest of the house can wait.

I'm also trying to convince our six-year-old that having her own bedroom will be amazing and wonderful and full of pink (without shocking our senses.) One night I even made up a story about a princess (with her name) moving to a new castle (house.) That's how desperate I am for this transition to be a positive one.

The plan:

- mocha'ish' painted walls
- white woodwork
- a headboard (from craigslist) painted white
- pink curtains
- and pink accents

Elegant, yet still girlish. I might have to live in that room. I love it already.


  1. I am painting a bedroom South Seas Pink.

  2. Any girl would love to have a room like that...myself included!

  3. Smart of you to make up the story for your kiddo. She doesn't realize it yet, but she will soon be so thankful for her own room. Sounds like you have to be the visionary for her room, but she will be excited once she sees it in person. Happy moving!

  4. I want it!!! The picture is perfect... unfortunately, i cannot afford it too.
    Kisses and God bless you. Go to my blog ´cause we´ve group post and a little thing to all of you.

  5. Que quarto lindo. Qualquer mulher gostaria de ter um quarto assim. Lindo. Abraços!

  6. Sounds dreamy. Love it. I had more fun decorating my daughter's bedroom for sure. Oh, happy belated Birthday. Sorry I've been out of the loop. DH has been deployed overseas since feb and am trying to keep everything together. BTW-where are you moving to?

  7. This looks like a beautiful girl's room. I am sure your daughter will love it when it's done. I am looking forward to see the finished product. :)



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