Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wonderfully Made

I'm a mom to 3 usually healthy kids. I struggle with all things moms struggle with. Yesterday I spent half my day with some very precious children. Children I'd never thought would grab at my heart strings, almost as much as my own children are capable of doing.

A boy born with half a brain, 3 boys whose autism spanned the entire spectrum, a young lady with cerebral palsy, and others whose "special needs" don't even have a name. It took all my mental strength, and at times, me biting down on my lip, to not burst out in tears.

Learning and cognitive disabilities were far from my mind, my focus was on them, as beings. Their disabilities did not hide their endearing personalities.

What can I do to communicate with them? What can I do to help them? What can I do to love them? And then it became instinctive, my love would come out in the form of drool wiping, in handing over crayons so a fifth grader could color a map, love would pour out endlessly, almost as if I was their maternal mother.

As someone who likes to take pictures, it's typical for me to see God's beauty outside amongst the landscape of nature. It's possible at times to feel God's presence in a church setting on a Sunday morning, but if I could describe what I saw yesterday, it was God's marvelous creation in these middle school children.

Later that evening as I ran on the treadmill, my husband said he'd look over and see how hard I was running. I don't typically run hard, I hate exercise overall. I told him I was running from demons, from pain, from my heart that was breaking with those kids' faces on my mind and without question on my heart.

I kept thinking, "God, I love those kids."

My hardships are so puny in comparison, I only have an inkling of what a parent must go through seeing their child in this capacity. How this must weigh heavily in their lives.

My day which was hard on my heart, was perhaps necessary for my spirit. More lessons about thankfulness, blessings, and humility...

I don't know why these children moved me so much, I don't know why I did end up sobbing over them, all I know is they are a product of God's own hands and each of them, with their own personalities, are so wonderfully made.


  1. Suzanne...just last week, I went to my daughter's middle school to pick her up. As I walked in the front door, there were a couple of mentally challenged kids with their instructors standing by the doorway. One boy was wearing a helmet on his head and I'm pretty sure he had no verbal skills. The other girl was using a walker to get around. It was everything I could do not to run over and give them a big hug...then I thanked God for my healthy daughters.

  2. As an early intervention speech therapist, I have the joy and heartache of working with little ones with all sorts of special needs - and their families. Today, I was filled with excitement because a two year old with no language was able to pick up a picture and walk 3 feet away to hand it to me to request a toy. I squealed with delight when a 7 year old boy with autism said "mom" for the first time. And I cry when after 2 years of therapy, one sweet little girl has just made little to no progress with her communication. I urge you to reach out to these families - not in pity, but in love and encouragement!

  3. I've been at the Rec center as the same time when the disabled kids are there swimming. Every lap I repeated the same mantra, "Thank you Lord, for my happy, healthy children." God is using you for great things, friend!

  4. Suzanne - wanted to clarify that last sentence (someone walked in my office!) I think what you wrote here was beautiful and demonstrated both love and encouragement! :)I urge everyone to do the same - offer to babysit, volunteer in classrooms, even just ask parents and siblings - how are YOU? Great post!

  5. What a great opportunity to show God's love - through your love - to those precious children. We all are created by Him, and He has given each one of us - and each one of those precious children - a purpose. They truly ARE wonderfully made.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful, touching post!


  6. I absolutely adore your post:-) Logan is on the Autism Spectrum and through the years we have met (various support groups) some of the most empathetic, loving, sweet kids. One of Logan's close friends has Down Syndrome. And they are 100% wonderfully made indeed!

    Wear blue on Friday LOL;-) Thank you my friend for this beautiful post:-)

  7. Aww...

    I actually meant to leave a comment saying if ever you miss anything here from NY (Essa Bagels, perhaps?) that I'd be happy to Fedex them over.

  8. God lays these children on our hearts to bless us. I took on a baby in a hospital in Honduras once that was born with hydrocephalia and spina bifida. She was twisted, malformed and an 'untouchable'. Yet as I touched her, God touched me in ways I never dreamed possible.
    God bless your heart!

  9. Hard on the heart but necessary for the spirit...so good, so true. Love your heart!

  10. Yes, no matter what they look like, children are beautiful creations.

  11. wow, isn't it amazing what God chooses to bring into the seasons of our lives. you are a true blessing to these children and planting seeds in their hearts through your outpour of love, patience, kindness and humility toward them.

    i love your heart friend. this post was a blessing!


  12. I was touched by this post. How often we are quick to turn from this children, thinking we see the imperfect, and fail to see God's handiwork? Thank you for sharing and I was blessed!


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