Friday, March 4, 2011

A Smorgasbord Of Blogs

Photo credit - Zefa
So I was thinking, when I first started blogging with my friend Kate way back in 2008, ('CityMom, CountryMom, A Tale of Two Moms') I swore that I'd be witty and funny. That happened on occasion and I learned that I was a closet techie.

On the next blog, in which I partnered with another friend, ('Gracenotes95') was going to wreak of my faith. That lasted a year, it was a good year though. I learned that I would overtake that blog with my posts and need to have a blog of my own.

The third blog (which shall only be revealed as 'MMA' due to serious privacy issues) was going to be about "transparency," that was the new blogging buzz word (or you might have read "authentic.")

Too much transparency however, taught me that you're life will not be private. (Hello! We're on the internet here. EVERYBODY can read your stuff, do you really want EVERYBODY reading it?) Yes, I do. Okay, not really.

The fourth blog was going to redeem my blogging efforts and show what a good sharer I was ('Share The Wonder'.) Then I did a 360 (within a month) and thought, let's keep it professional and niche-y (just in case your boss is reading.)

But, here's the thing, I can't have a niche, because everything I think about/feel about/am passionate about, is all melded together. Some people (like my husband) might call it whimsical, I call it being unable to compartmentalize. (Or, I am female, this is how it works.)

Writing, photography, random thoughts, recipes, DIY projects, cool techie things, blogging tutorials (ooh, I had lots of those,) are all a massive ball congealed together in my mind. Picture the rubber band ball. That is my brain.

That's why I can't have a niche. No matter how hard I try. And I did. Five times.

The lesson here? That we all blog for different reasons, that if a rubber band ball is what I am in real life (maybe I should change the name of my blog...just kidding.) then my blog is going to reflect that. (I smell transparency.)

If something in my life moves me, then I have to blog about it (oh, faith-> read this post.)

And if I really love taking pictures of food, then gosh darn it, scroll down some more and see my dessert photos!

In the end, to wrap up this plethora of excuses reasons of why I continue to blog, I must quote Descartes and write,

"I think, therefore I am."

Or better yet, I think (too much,) therefore I blog.


  1. I love it! "Or better yet, I think (too much,) therefore I blog."
    It's witty and cute. =P


  2. Suzanne...just be you and share about those things that you love! I love your blog...don't change a thing!

  3. I love your thinking. It's way too easy to get caught up in all the "parties" and wanting to fit into the parameters of a particular party. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the parties & will continue to "partay" when they fit in more with my blogginess. I really enjoy your wit & dare I say "quirkiness?" That would be a totally good "quirkiness," of course!

  4. I am very much like you in this manner. I like so many different things and depending on how I feel when I am blogging more of one thing or another might come out. I enjoy versatile bloggers who let all facets of who they are shine through! Faith, photography, food, it all!! ;0

  5. I love what ever you write my friend:-D

  6. What a great post and I totally agree. My Pastor once gave a sermon where he described the difference between the way men and women think and he used a very complex set of wires for the womens brain. So true!

  7. wieeeerrrdddddd! i feel the same way girl! what started off as a family blog to keep the family in the west coast abreast on our happenings has turned into a hodge podge of just about everything and anything. now i could be wrong our blogs would fit in the category of lifestyle blogs? you think?

  8. I believe some blogs change and grow the same way a person does. Just share what's on your heart! ;-)


  9. i hear you, friend. this is why i decided to take the niche-y-ness out of my blog. i just wanted to enjoy the process. if that meant that for 6 months, i was a decor blog, awesome. if i'm now a "random ramblings" blog, so be it. the irony? today i'm working on a decor project that will likely make an appearance on the blog this week. because that's what i'm into today :)

  10. Hooray for all of us "jane-of-all-trades," ladies!

    "Lifestyle" blog, I like that Alely!

    Am I growing Beth? Really, is that it? :)

    "Ann," at least we'll never be boring!!

  11. I agree w/ your thinking...I think some folks quit their blogs b/c they didn't choose to blog about something their passionate for whether that's your life,coupons, kids, vacations, God, photography, cooking, being a cow girl, obsessing over nail polish or recipes.... whatever it may be I think you must have a passion b/c just finding random reasons to write isn't what inspires.
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  12. Suzanne, I love your blog and your writing style! Great stuff! Keep on keeping on...we are women! Talk or type about whatever you like. I always have a cup of coffee handy and I love to read...and look at pictures! :)



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