Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And Everything In Its Place...

Brown & White Home Office eclectic home office

Photo credit - Eclectic home office design - HOUZZ

Let's pretend this is my home office. Loving the white desks and mocha walls. Everything in its place. Ah, a Type A's dream. But I am not a Type A nor do I pretend to be. I do however, like to be organized.

My desk looks like this:

Anyone notice my spray painted terra cotta pot? Spray painting is an illness.
Everything I need, for the most part, is at my fingertips. Now where did I put that Macbook? Ohh, I don't have one! Maybe someday...

Anyway, I put in a lot of time at this desk, job stuff, blog stuff, husband/kids/school stuff. It's never ending. Facebook and emails are not my friends, but they seem to think so because we correspond on a daily basis.

I found a fun site that carries the most awesome desk accessories. You will convince yourself you need to be organized when you see what See Jane Work has to offer!

You'll find so many cute must-haves like the collection by "Bob's Your Uncle" (I laughed so hard at that name, okay, maybe I just thought it was funny) featuring these adooorable punctuated page markers. Or maybe you'll be inspired by the beautiful desks and home office photos like I was.

Page Markers from See Jane Work
Take a peak and look around. What's your best organizational tip? Do you have a home office or craft area/room? What can't you live without?


  1. Looks so great! I just have a lot of boxes to store my stuff in. Looks kind of neat and cute :) X.

  2. you are funny. i love it. i would love to be organized, but never seem to be! i am probably as far away from a type A personality as a person can be. ugh. i will check out that site because i need help!

  3. I love organizing! I need a label maker!! :)

  4. well as you know i just reorganized my creative area but it's back to a big chaotic mess right now.

  5. Every month I go through and trash stuff I haven't touched. It makes life so much easier and I always feel so much better when I let things go!


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