Monday, September 19, 2011

When Bloggers Become Haters

So I was reading a blog post about niches, and still adamant that I do not have one, when this post talked about creating a niche on what you're passionate about. I'm passionate about a lot of things, that's my problem!

Now that I've clarified my "niche-lessness," let's be passionate about something that really bugged me last week. I found a hate blog. There's no other name for it. It was a blog dedicated to doling out cynicism and criticism toward a very popular blog that's out there. A blog, in fact, that I read on a daily basis.


You know, I get the freedom of speech thing and the "well, if you put yourself out there..." but really? Does this person actually have that much time on their hands to start (and name and post on) a blog aimed specifically at targeting hatred towards someone else's blog? C'mon.

I mentioned this to my bloggy friend (and IRL friend) Esther last week about this while we sat and watched our kids at soccer practice.

"No!!" she said.
"Can you believe it?!?" I yelped.

That was basically the conversation. We both agreed if we came upon a blog we didn't like, for whatever reason, we just moved on. Kinda like when your surfing the television channels.Click, click.

I've only had one person give it to me in my few years of blogging, thank goodness, otherwise it has been a relatively happy blogging life.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Do you  think "hate blogs" should be out there? Do you support them? Do you think they're really just harmless? Drop me a comment and let me in on your opinion.


  1. I'll probably be in the minority here, but I don't see any major problem with these k kinds of blogs. Just as those people are free to publish what they want, we are free to read it...or not. I personally don't have that kind of time on my hands! And I'm happy to be one less visitor on their stats. Then again, I have no id toea which blog you're referring to, so maybe it's a lot worse than the ones I've seen.

  2. The existence of "hate blogs" is the price we pay for having our freedom of expression. I've yet to come across one, and I think if I did, I'd move on quickly. Regardless, people who need to share their wrath will find a way to share it, and given the options, writing hateful posts is at least not physically violent...

  3. Ahhhhhh, that kind of stuff makes me crazy!!!! Seriously people, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Is it really that hard?! I cannot fathom leaving someone a negative or nasty comment, let alone devoting an entire blog to bashing. Humans never cease to amaze me.

  4. I have never seen one. I would skip over it and not support it!

  5. I've never seen one of these, but I definitely wouldn't be reading one. There is enough negativity in life and it chips away at my energy. That said, maybe it helps that person to get it off his or her chest and be more positive in real life. Who knows? It makes me feel sad for the person whose blog it is against because deep down I'm awfully sensitive. I hope s/he isn't. : /

  6. i haven't seen one, and i'm glad i haven't. there are plenty of famous blogs that i'm not really into (dooce is a perfect example), but i don't think it's worth my time to set up a whole blog to rip on them. i mean honestly, i barely have enough time to tend my own blog!!

    i do think it's fair to be critical of others, but i try to not name people by name if i'm going to be say something against them. i kinda feel like i'm allowed to have my own opinion and to state it, (basically the free speech you mention), but i don't need to drag other people through the mud when i do it. you know??

    here's an example of what i consider me being comfortable stating my opinion (even though it's negative) about someone else, without implicating them or being hurtful to them directly.

  7. Ann- I loved your post! Yes, here we women are rolling our eyes about the men who ogle young girls and we then think it's okay to get all giddy over extremely young "hollywood hunks?"


  8. A blog to hate on a blog? I WISH I had the free time that the author of that blog must have, except I'd use my free time to do nice things!

  9. I have not read any of these hate blogs and thank goodness because they sound just awful! I wouldn't give them a single glance because that's a glance I could use on my good looking husband;-)

  10. I thought of this last night: Could I have titled this post "When Haters Become Bloggers?" Because I'm sure someone who takes the time to blog mean things has a similar outlook in real life, but now just has a wider audience!

  11. I have never come across a hate blog but I would pass right by it if I did. Life is to short for negativity.


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