Thursday, September 1, 2011

There's Music In The House

...Or, "How To Get Your Kids To Practice Piano, Even When They Don't Want To."

Like many other parents, I want my children to be well-rounded. Husband is the "sports" authority, whether it be teaching our kids how to shoot a basketball or how to throw a  baseball, that's his territory.

I, on the other hand, am completely useless in the sports department.

However, since I started teaching piano at a music school, I've had to take lessons and practice more seriously. This includes how I view teaching my two older kids. Our son has since moved onto guitar and my 13-year-old also plays clarinet in band, but I still teach her piano and I still expect her to practice.

I'm not going to get into anything technical here, but rather, if someone is not a self-motivator, how do you motivate them?

You show them this on You Tube:

Here's the thing, aside from the fact that practicing can get long and mundane, you can still find balance in that too. Yes, she has to master her major and minor triads and work on "Andante" by John Christian Bach, but after that, she could be playing something cool too.

(So I watched this video, bought a similar rendition on iTunes and I'm learning it by ear, so I can teach her. Sidenote: technology can be our friend!)

This isn't a gimmick or a trick, but rather honing in on what interests your child/student. Funny, she was on the people twice yesterday...the second time without my prompting.

My students at the music school are going to love it when I play this at our Christmas recital. Rock on.


  1. I completely 100% agree with you. We're a piano family too. Both Husband and I know piano, but like you, I'M no sports authority in this house. That's his zone. So glad to have found you. Your Google FC isn't opening for some reason, so I just subscribed to your RSS!

  2. Hi Suzanne~Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new friends in blogville. I've been reading your blog & I love it! So many wonderful links..we have a couple of things in common in that we think Kelle is amazing & we love to decorate. I'm working on the
    Keep in touch,

  3. as someone who works in education (and was a teacher) i TOTALLY agree that the internet is an AWESOME teaching tool :) kudilos to you for making it work for you with piano :)

  4. i love music in our house, but my kids are growing tired of practicing. boo.
    my kids will love this video.
    i should use the internet more to inspire them.

  5. I have no answers. I remember extremely disliking that practice time back in the day. SO, while I know music is a wonderful thing to learn and it requires practice, my feelings are with your daughter. :-)


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