Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Your Craft On

It all started with weeks of searching for party ideas online. Then picking out a theme; a garden tea party. Then it became the hunt for all things flower-like. On a budget. Then I found this inspirational photo.

Our youngest turns seven this Saturday. It's easy to throw a party when you have money.

  • You can buy the generic birthday party stuff at a party/dollar store.
  • You can buy a Cricut machine or a Silhouette.
  • You can take your sweet time at Michael's or Joann's and shop up and down the aisles.

But how do you do it when you have very little $? You get your scissors and construction paper and get your craft on sista...

{source for paper flowers}

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  1. Oh these flowers are lovely, well done you. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I appreciate it. :)

  2. Your paper flowers are fabulous! Love the colors. I hope she has a wonderful time at her party. And I just realized we have the same birthday! I'm be 45 Saturday.

    So glad you linked up!

  3. Well, it looks like you are a very creative pereon, and your decorations will far exceed anything you could buy!

    How beautiful. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  4. ooooo, nothing makes me happier than bright colors and flower themed decor at a party!! I'll have to try making some pretty paper flowers for a photo prop sometime soon!! Beautiful!

  5. Your flowers look great! Who needs the expensive cutters?

  6. Those flowers are amazing! Happy birthday to your little one!

    Tamar - also linking up with Deb!

  7. Ahhh, who needs cheap dollar store decor when your mommy takes the time to MAKE your decorations!!!???
    My daughter's 4th birthday is next month and I'm just now starting to think about what in the world I'm gonna do for it. She's asking for a flower party as well. Same as last year. I may be bustin' out the same decorations. :o)
    I'd loan you my Cricut cutter if you were in the neighborhood! Hubby got it for me for Xmas last year and I've really only played with it a few times. It's super cool, but making the time to drag it out hasn't been a priority lately.
    I think your construction paper flowers are gonna be awesome. It's gonna be the best flower party on the block. :o)

  8. Hope your little one has a great birthday. I'm sure it will be a perfect party!! :-)

  9. Sounds like a fun idea! Sometimes it takes me awhile to get going but I do enjoy making things like crafts....I just need inspiration to get the creativity up and moving. ;)


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