Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post Party Post

I just rearranged my bedroom. I'm also rearranging my life. You know the saying "when it rains, it pours?" Well, it was pouring both figuratively and literally the past few days. I'm trying to figure out which jobs to say yes to and which ones will put me over the top sending me to some kind of mommy asylum.

And even though I'd like to do it all, because I, like many moms have "Super Mom Syndrome" (that's a real syndrome, right?) something's gotta give...

*sigh* It's hard to please everyone.

But there was one little girl who was pleased this weekend, and that was so important.

Cutting approximately 40 paper flowers; baking my own cake; decorating into the late hours and staying on a budget was well worth it.

Our little girl had a fabulous time. And that's always the most important thing.


  1. Awww, it was perfect. I love the lights with the flowers around them! I may have to steal that for Em's party. Which I have FINALLY convinced her to change from Barbie to Ladybug. Thank the lord! The cake looks super cute. I was thinkin' about doing something similar only putting the bugs on instead of flowers. I am NOT making red and black frosting. Gad. Looks like fun was had by all - which is all that counts.

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  3. You know I am a fellow Mom with SuperMom Syndrome!!!! And yes it was worth it!! That cake is gorgeous and I love the flowers and the favors!!! Everything is so cute like a page from Pottery Barn Kids catalog!! :)

  4. here's to hoping that you're able to get some rest. or that what rest you're able to get refreshed you. :)

  5. "something's gotta give..."

    If you look back a few weeks in my posts, you'll see I was grappling with the same thing. I still am, I guess. But not as hard. I have the syndrome. I want to do it all. I can't, duh. It's gotten worse ever since I had to get a job outside the home, truth be told.

  6. I can't wait to hear all about it! See you tomorrow!

  7. Wow, those flower lights just blow my mind with awesomeness. I'm terribly jealous!


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