Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Friday, Where Has Your iPhone Been?

If I hadn't traded in my dumb phone for an iPhone, I'm not sure I'd remember all the things I'd done in the last couple of weeks. And if it wasn't for Facebook and Instagram, I wouldn't know what my friends were doing either. :(

Should I have to describe my life in verbs it would be; "graphic-designing, writing, staging, website-developing, business-researching, kid-hugging, cooking, taste-testing, not-weight-watching, cleaning, driving, shopping, department-meeting, email-checking and social-networking."

Only another mother would get this kind of verbal rant. Anyhoo, here's where I've been and what I've been doing. If I'm lucky, one of my friends will make sushi tonight and invite me over so I can de-stress, hint, hint.

  • Easter-themed cake, check out the details on how to make it on  Todays Wisconsin Mama.
  • Staging my parents' home so they can sell it, eventually. (Don't go to Arizona Mom, there are scorpions!)
  • A Spring Break trip with Husband to Titletown Brewing Company (funny, we did the same thing almost to the day the year before. See this Spring Break post from 2012.
  • Reigniting my love for Pinterest.
  • Pretty comforter set from Big Lots. (No I did not buy it, yes, I do regret it.)
  • A quick stop at Home Depot before a design department meeting. Adore this glass tile.
  • Moo. Don't ask. Visiting a former dairy farm with Husband. (Business related, not a date.)
  • Visual Merchandising for a client. (Painting windows and showcasing Prom and Spring dresses.)
  • Complaining that we still have snow. Our youngest daughter in the backyard while we were picking up sticks (and dog poop.)

What have you been up to?


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