Thursday, April 18, 2013

Every Stylish Mom Should Have This

As a mom, finding any product that makes life a little simpler is helpful. As a designer, it's nice when  the products I use are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well. That's why I'm so happy to own a BellaVita wristlet.

I'm in and out of my house, on average, eight times a day. Whether it's errands, meetings, sports events, or the daily drive to three schools for pick up and drop off, I am on the move.

Nothing is more irritating than trying to gather my wallet, keys, cell phone etc. just because I have to get into the minivan. (It reminds me of the days of diaper bags.)

Anyway, with that being said, everything in the wristlet fits into it snuggly. My driver's license, a credit card, cash and my iPhone.

BellaVita sent me this pretty mauve/purple color (my choice of all the colors they offer) to prance around with. It's been great. No more looking through my array of purses to haul when I'm off and running.

Right now, BellaVita is hosting a giveaway, you can enter for a chance to win a wristlet or wallet.

So check out their site and let BellaVita make your life a little simpler too!

{disclosure: BellaVita sent me a wristlet in order to review this product.}


  1. Hi, I nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Visit for more information about it.

    1. Thank you Anabell! I'll be right over! :)

  2. That is definitely the coolest thing ever...I want one!

  3. Super cute! Can't wait until I'm not carrying a diaper bag anymore!

  4. These are super cute. I really need one of them. I have been looking for something stylish.

  5. Love the wristlet. I have something similar that I got from the Apple store. It holds my iPhone, driver's license, a few credit cards, some cash, and easily fits in my pocket. I love that I can just grab it and go. No need to haul around a purse. Very helpful during grocery shopping.


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