Tuesday, November 6, 2012

There's Always Room For Cupcakes

I keep forgetting how busy the school year is for me, maybe because Husband and I were so busy with the kids all summer! Anyway, I've got two birthday celebrations under my belt and one left to go before  Thanksgiving. Phew.

I made these super cute and delicious homemade cupcakes and frosting, adapted from this recipe I pinned on Pinterest. They're a "hoot," hehe...

The owl cupcake liners and owl toothpicks I found at TJMaxx for $6.99. Very cute for this Halloween-themed birthday party.

Remember all the preparation for our youngest daughter's birthday party? Here's her red and white cupcake. Cupcake liners were from Michael's.

Husband's birthday is up next, and I'd love to make a mini cake, something like this, only not in those colors!

To make these Ombre Mini Cakes you can find directions at  Glorious Treats.

Do you have a favorite cupcake or cake recipe? Go ahead and share the link in your comments! Thanks!


  1. Oh, those cupcakes are cute! My daughters would love them...the owl is their school mascot, so we are into owls these days!

  2. AWW OWL CUPCAKES.... too bad I hate cake. :(



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