Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

This morning is the first morning I don't have to get up early, but because of habit, here I am awake at 5:30 am with my cup of coffee next to me. I actually had a chance to read some mommy blogs and was stirred by all the "thankful" blog posts out there. It was really nice to read. :)

I don't know if I ever wrote a thankful post, but I really should. It's been a whirlwind of a year (a move to the lake house, new clients, raising our 3 kids etc.)

Husband and I talk a lot about gratitude, and as we look out our windows, it's hard not to see why.

It took us awhile to find our "home," with several moves under our belt (and we're not in the military) I wondered if we would ever settle down. It's hard to create a haven for your family when you keep thinking "where are we going to next?"

With that being said, I am so thankful for where we are now. We call our home the "lake house." And even though it will take us years to make it into "ours," little by little we are filling this house with the things we love and experiences we hope to cherish.

I hope we are all taking the time this Thanksgiving to share what we're thankful for.

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  1. I understand you unsettled feeling. My parents still live in the house to which they brought me home from the hospital. I moved out when I got married at 23 and we moved every two years (also not military). I've been here on my own for 5 years, but it still doesn't feel like the place I will settle forever. Even my children have started to ask "when we move to our next house can we have...." so they feel it too. Not that it isn't lovely, ours, and doesn't give us much comfort, but it doesn't feel like our forever home!


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