Monday, March 11, 2013

What Barbie Is Teaching My Daughter

As I was rearranging my living room, I decided that the castle, Barbie's castle that is,  needed dusting too. Remember the days of playing Barbie alone or with friends? I do, endless hours of make-believe.

And Barbie could do anything, in fact at age six, Barbie was going to be a stewardess, get married, have babies, join a rock band, become a fashion designer and later hold the prestigious position of  editor-in-chief at Glamour magazine.

Who knew that Barbie (who is now 50 years old) might want to become a Social Media Strategist.

I guess today, Barbie can be anything or anyone she wants to be. Boy have things changed. Then I noticed something else that's changed...

My eight-year-old's Barbies are ethnically diverse (especially the one on the right with the plastic-lilac-legs!?!)  Not that there aren't any blond Barbies in our house, they're just in the Volkswagen Bug driving around with their boyfriend, who happens to be a male 'Little People' toy. That's because Ken has yet to grace our house, maybe when our daughter is 30.

Our daughter said something the other day about not wanting to be blond and how brunettes 'have more fun.' Where did this come from? School probably.

Typically when I talk about career paths with our daughters it's, "You know, you're a great debater, you could be a lawyer," or "If you go into the medical field, you will always have a job." Ad nauseum.

I think I bought this doll because she resembles me. In fantasy land, that is.

I just want them to not have to worry about bills. Not having enough money can be brutal.

Anyway, both our girls will decide on what they will pursue soon enough. As for our son, I'm constantly steering him towards "Biomedical Engineering," the job of the future!

For now, I will continue to enjoy the Barbies (and toys, games, clothing, clutter) that 'decorate' our home for as long as I can. Because Barbie is still teaching our daughter about sharing, social interaction, manners and desire for a closet full of shoes. Just sayin'.


  1. Ha! Our five year old daughter wants to be a princess. And marry a prince. And live in a castle. The end. Our 7 year old son has mentioned landscaper a few times. Clearly I need to be throwin' some of your options into the mix. :o)

  2. My daughter is only three, and has somehow wound up with four Barbies - all from her Aunts! Cinderella, Snow White, actually two Snow Whites, and some Halloween Witch Barbie. The other day she asked me for a Princess Tiana Barbie because she likes her skin color. I was like, "Of course!" I am visiting from SITS - love these photos.

  3. I am very, very happy that you all celebrate diversity. I am from California and embrace diversity just by sheer demographics of where I was raised. I want for me daughter to have as much of an appreciation for diversity and culture as I had and still have to this day. Great post. Visiting from SITS again.


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