Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Profanity Necessary To Be A Top Blogger?

Recently I googled "top mom blogs," because I love to find new blogs, read them and check out their design. I went on a popular site that touted a Top 100 list of mommy bloggers. I noticed something interesting...

At least three of these acclaimed blogs featured a gratuitous amount of profanity.

Wow. Does a good blogger have to throw in a swear word to make her point? Or is this just for shock value?


This is not a post about SOPA or PIPA, I just wonder if people wonder if some might find this offensive. I have said before that my mother, Husband and kids can read my blog, if I started cursing in it, would I find that appropriate as a role model to my children?

What are your thoughts? Do you care? Does it matter?


  1. Hi Suzanne! I usually don't mind a curse here or there in a blog post (I say them myself verbally here and there but never in front of my kids) but I am definitely turned off when they use it a ton and it seems they're just doing it for shock value. I just don't read those. ;)

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    I am not a religious person or some sort of righteous person, but I also think profanity should be discouraged in blogging.

    hoppin over from bloggymoms

  3. I don't get bothered by a swear word hear or there (its not like I never say them myself), but when its excessive, I just stop reading.

  4. I don't usually mind a curse word here or there, but the constant use of "big words" are too much for me. I'll admit that I insert the occassional curse word or two, but stray away from constant use of "bad words" and sex topics. Andrea @ visiting from SITS.

  5. Hi Suzanne,

    found your blog through SITS, and was captivated by the design. :)

    I enjoy reading new mom blogs too and I do google for new blogs to read sometimes. Personally, I usually stop visiting blogs which are punctuated with profanity, especially if they're supposed to be mom blogs.

  6. Like other commenters, I usually don't have a problem if it is just a curse word or two here or's when it starts to get overly done that I have a problem with. I tend to write the way I talk, so if I see a lot of curse words in a blog post, I'm gonna assume that person talks like that, which is a COMPLETE turnoff!

  7. Great question! I think there are a few blogs where that is just part of their M.O.
    I would never use profanity in my blog posts because:
    1) My 85 year old Gran is a fan and would be offended
    2) I just find that while I use profanity A LOT when working on stuff or drinking, it doesn't belong in my writing.
    3) Looking at the big picture, my blog is public and I think about the implications that my posts could have on me or my family, now or in the future


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