Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Constructing Your Creative Space

I once wanted to work at Google (see their Bangkok office below?) only because I thought their work space was cool and catered to the creative types. Now it seems, that everyone and their mother has jumped onto that bandwagon.

I've been thinking about my own work space and how it can be a conduit to creativity.

Then I began to think about our kids, and how Husband is a big proponent of thinking "outside the box" (although he would never use that cliched term) and prompting an environment of learning or as he calls it, "wondering." (Ask me one day about our parent meeting with our eldest daughter's science teacher, it's quite the story.)

If my children were still under the age of six and finger painting, I think a space like this would be so amazing:

(Of course I found this on Pinterest, of course Martha Stewart featured it. *sigh*)

In my perfect house, my perfect office would look like this, natural light, open but private, a clean space I could go on and on...

Then again before I allow my interior designing thoughts to be boxed in, with the advent of
the laptop and wifi, should there only be one "space" in our home where we can work? Hmmm.

And what really helps with creativity? Is it environment? The merging of minds? Serenity? Or how about just plain old hard work?

I was intrigued by this Mashable article on the science of genius and their Q&A with author Jonah Lehrer.

It seems that everything factors into attaining creative ideas, but being creative is a plausible pursuit for everyone.

environment + fresh minds + debate + brutal honesty + perseverance
+ child-like "wondering" = creativity

Let me "wonder" about all of this and I'll get back to you about my decorating decisions. ;)


  1. My creative space in my basement has been a table surrounded by an armoire, storage drawers, and shelving. I've been wanting to personalize it forever, but for some reason, when it comes to that, my creativity fizzles. Stopped by from SITS!

  2. My mom and sister just created an office for me with lots of open space-- I've always loved the idea of a big room in the attic with windows and lots of space to dream....Popped in from SITS!

  3. Another SITStah here! I’ve been working on my “creative space” for nearly two years now…and it’s still little more than storage space with a lot of potential. I like something sort of in between the pictures you posted. Clean, but not so clean you’re afraid to get messy! Best of luck on getting yours put together!


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