Thursday, January 10, 2013

What To Wear In The Winter

Winter Wear

Jane Norman cowl neck shirt
$45 -

Burberry coat
$1,435 -

Cross jeans
$105 -

ALDO round toe boots

Coach gold handbag

Juicy couture earrings

Grey shawl

Nordstrom glove

Tech accessory

Okay, before anyone busts a brain cell thinking that here in the Midwest, I actually walk around in a $1,435 Burberry coat, relax. Because I don't. My coat is similar but it's from Old Navy and I bought it on sale and with a coupon. I do however, never leave home without my iPhone or my designer bag.

I love this ensemble because it gets really chilly here in the winter and I have a tendency to layer. Last week I even bought leg warmers. I haven't owned a pair since I was 15!

Since I'm a closet techie freak, I think those gloves are awesome, keep your gloves on and still be able to scroll on your phone. Cool idea, I mean warm idea...

So what's your winter wardrobe entail? And what do people wear in the warmer parts of the country during the winter?

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  1. Now that's an awesome ensemble. I think I would try to wear something like that in our Florida's 60degree weather. Too bad I am fashion illiterate. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I also love that you're a woman of faith. Blessings, Following..


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