Saturday, January 5, 2013

Free Calendar Wallpaper For You!

Every year, I'm hopeful that it will be better than the last one. This year I am starting it off by sharing this site that can turn your photos into calendar wallpaper for your computer. Cool.

Husband and I ended last year by shoveling snow off a portion of the lake and creating an ice skating rink for our kids. (Who am I kidding, I'm as excited as my eight year old!)

I used to coach figure skating to beginners before I had kids and these are the same boots and blades I used. After 3 kids and many years later, my feet have expanded to a size bigger and when I put on my skates it feels like I am on pins and needles, later they are so numb I can't even feel them, until I take them off again and the tingling continues for another 30 minutes. Oh, for the love of ice skating!

But I we are in the process of learning how to make the perfect ice rink and loving the winter season of the Midwest.

I'm really hoping that this year is a good one for you. My BFF and I were talking the other day about how hard life can be and how we as moms, often feel overwhelmed with even the smallest of details. This year I hope for more balance, a little more peace of mind and the ability to find joy in every moment.

Happy New Year!


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