Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine's Day On Pinterest

I told Husband months ago, "Pinterest is going to be the next big thing!" and I was right! I've been reading a lot of articles concerning Pinterest because some of my clients are looking to join the newest social networking hype.

Personally, I love Pinterest! It's a great resource for recipes, tutorials and creative DIY projects. This month I've been pinning all things related to Valentine's Day, because here in the Midwest it gets very dreary after Christmas. :(

I've started decorating a little, but I don't have very much...I put this sweet cinnamon-scented heart on our back door.

Last year I created this Valentine's Day version of subway art.

Looking for a new way to display those Red Hot candies...

I'm still combing the internet for unique and inexpensive decorating ideas. Follow me on Pinterest and check out my newest pins! Oh, and happy pinning!


  1. I do enjoy pinterest too! Lots of great inspiration and ideas.

  2. i've been on pinterest since they started. love it! i need to follow you! look for me i'm ohsweetleeme and i will follow you back!

  3. I'm having so much fun on Pinterest. Love all the cool Valentine's ideas they have too. You have a really great blog. So clean and easy to read. Thanks for friending me in MBC. :-)



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