Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Struggle For All Of Us?

*I originally wrote this post months ago, and yet I still struggle with the same issue, what's your take on this? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I don't like challenges. Okay, except when they include things like raising the bar on my blog, whether that be in regards to design (which I have been known to change often) or content (being real in my writing without compromising my family's welfare.)

I was challenged the other day about forgiveness, or more accurately, lack of forgiveness. Ouch. Tough topic. It's amazing our capacity as humans to justify our actions. How we can judge others and not see our own inequities.

Past hurts, ongoing hurts, all bring us to this place, a place that if labelled, could be called "a safer place." In reality, it's a hardening of our hearts and the start of that ugly root of bitterness.

Is it fair for me to say we all tussle with forgiveness? I think so.

This is not a post about how to resolve this, because I don't have the answers. It is however, a reminder that forgiving another person is a universal struggle no matter where you are in your life. And not forgiving, albeit human, is not righteous.


  1. Ooo! Hard topic! Forgiveness is right not only for the other person but for ourselves too. Carrying unforgiveness around is a burden for our own heart. Forgiveness, however, makes me feel like I'm open to be hurt again. You've got me thinking....

  2. Thanks for sharing Susan. I definitely think that is something we all struggle with, and the closer that person is to us, the harder it is. Either we become apathetic towards that person or bitter. Either way it isn't love.

    ps. happy new year friend!

  3. Forgiveness is the most difficult thing to do whether you are forgiving someone else or yourself. It is something that I struggle with daily but I feel that I am winning the battle as long as I have my Father guiding me along the way. God Bless you my friend!

  4. Forgiveness isn't easy for anyone because it involves swallowing your pride. It's something I struggle with, but I'm working to get better about because I know it frees my soul.

  5. I'd rather forgive than carry a grudge. Grudges weigh allot.

  6. It is a struggle, but I know I have to forgive, so I can be forgiven!!

  7. Ick. I think that sums it up.

    I think maybe I should have read the third paragraph up from the bottom years ago. I've been thinking about this post since I first read it yesterday.

    Forgiveness, huh? I'm now wondering if you can carry something (anger, hate, disgust, sadness, disappointment...) for so long that you've all but forgotten where it originated. So long ago that the "grudge" is long gone. All that's left is the generalized bitterness.

    I have more thinking to do I guess. Thanks for that.

  8. It is such a tough and touchy subject. For the most part, I'm a forgiving person because it feels so heavy on your heart to not do so.

  9. I used to be able to throw around the "forgive because you are forgiven," phrase to myself and to others so easily because I had never be horribly wronged...minor things but, nothing really bad. It took me being deeply hurt by a friend and having the friendship go south and having marital stuff come to the surface that I could never have imagined for God to ask me gently...I have forgiven you of everything can you likewise extend forgiveness to these people so that I can set you free from the burden of unforgiveness. Oh how it hurt to surrender that pain but, every day it gets easier and the wound gets smaller and smaller and restoration has taken place!! God is faithful when we submit to him. He is so faithful to bring us life and life abundantly when we are obedient! Beautiful post.


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