Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mommy Mantras And Other Randomness

This time of year is especially hectic. Usually one of our three children picks up a bug from school-check; I usually make a big deal for our seven-year-old's birthday festivities-check, we move into our eldest daughter's birthday (in two days) and then into Halloween. Throw in a wedding we're attending this Saturday (just Husband and I, woohoo!) and my mind is reeling with details. Still not sure when we'll be carving pumpkins and baking those delicious pumpkin seeds...

But I'm not too worried, in fact I'm calmer than usual, having given into my two new mantras, a) "something's gotta give" and b) "there's a fine line between_______" Maybe these are just cliches, or just movie titles, who knows but lately I've been saying things like:

"There's a fine line between loving your children and smothering your children."
"I just can't do it all, that (messy room/dog slobber on the wall/phone call/school form/appointment/hobby) is just going to have to wait." 

You know, really profound things like that.

Mostly, I'm just trying to match up the mental calendar in my head to the one on our kitchen wall. A mom I talked to last week basically said "motherhood will suck the life out of you." I'm feeling it sista.


  1. I love profound announcements. Making one always makes me feel better!

  2. Sorry to tell ya', but it doesn't ever stop.....sorry! Even when your children are adults, you still find yourself worrying, fretting, all the while trying to bring merriment, joy and specialness into everyone's lives. Yep, that's "Motherhood" for ya.....lol!
    :) CAS

  3. But, when they get bigger and it's more directing and less creating it gets easier. Just remember to take a deep breath, smile, and enjoy.


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