Monday, October 24, 2011

A Girls' Night In

There was a lot of football in the house this weekend, we were flying our flag and watching the neighbors up the street don themselves in the appropriate team colors. But our girls (meaning me as well) can only take so much sports in one weekend. So while the boys decided to do football, I rented the "Ramona And Beezus" DVD and hung out with my girls.

The movie based off the children's book series by Beverly Cleary was well done. I remember reading the books as a kid and loving the antics of the adorable, yet tenacious Ramona. (Does anyone remember her "pixie" haircut?)

What I appreciated even more about this adaptation was the "G" rating and the relationship between the two sisters. It's hard to find a nice kids movie that isn't laden with innuendos and mature scenarios, even at a PG - PG13 rating!

Our youngest cried at two parts and I admit there were some very tenderhearted moments in the movie.

But all in all, if you're looking for a nice movie for young girls, and an opportunity to bond with your daughters, I highly recommend this movie! :)


  1. I loved those books and I too am sick to death of Disney and its crap that isnt intended for kids not only in their movies but also in their board games.

  2. I loved Beverly Cleary books. So fun!! And that Ramona, loved her. It is tough to find nice movies for kids.
    I don't have a daughter, but I might get it for myself. lol

  3. My girls and I loved reading Beverly Cleary books! Such great memories! I completely oriented movies are almost next to impossible to find, anymore.

  4. I was watching Disney the other day. *hangs head* Shame on me. But anyways, I was watching Jessie--the new show on Disney--and some four-year-old actually knew what a bra was. Wow. I can tell you I was never like that at 4...

    *back to topic* I watched Ramona and Beezus, and may I say that show is depressing. I hate it when unfortunate events happen to fictional characters. Fictional people are my best friends. v_v I prefer comedies myself. (:

  5. I need to watch that movie. I loved the books growing up.

  6. Yay! I can't wait to watch stuff like this with Anja when she's a little older. Paint our nails, eat popcorn....


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