Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The ABC's Of Me

So I stole this from Amanda, because well, I still have a sick child at home and this is fast and fun. don't make me tell. okaaaaay...42
Bedsize.....queen-perfect size
Chore you most toilets, but Husband usually does it for me. Aww...
Dogs.....English Mastiff (a huge slobbery mess of a dog, but so lovable)
Essential start to my day..... Starbucks coffee brewed at home and made by Husband. Can I get another aww...
Favorite color.....used to be purple but now it's pink (with brown and gray coming in at a tie)
Gold or Silver.....silver (used to be gold!)
Height.....5'5" 1/2 (and shrinking, age will do that to you)
Instrument I've played.....piano, flute and clarinet
Job Title.....Which one? Freelance Retail Consultant; Piano Teacher; Mommy; Head Chef
Kids.....3, ages 7, 11 and 13
Live in.....Midwest
Mother's name.....Carole
Nicknames.....Suzers, Suz, Suzie
Overnight hospital stays.....3 times to give birth. Best days of my life!
Pet Peeves.....blogs with misspelled word and typos
Quote from a movie..... Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. 
Right or left handed.....right brother (13 years younger than me)
Time you wake up..... 5am on weekdays.
Underwear.....Huh? Of course!
Vegetables I hate.....brussel sprouts
What makes you late.....trying to get my 7-year-old fashionista ready
X-rays.....too many to count.
Yummy food I make.....Homemade Pizza, New York Style Cheesecake, Bacon Ham Chowder, Zuppa Toscana (like Olive Garden's) and the list goes on and on and on...
Zoo animal kids, sorry, I have no idea!!

Join in on the fun!


  1. Yep, I'm totally stealing this. Love it. Ya know, 'cause it's nice to know little tidbits about random strangers you check in on every day. :)
    I LOVE the Princess Bride. About time to see it again.
    My hubby makes the coffee in the morning too. Can't function without it. Literally. Now if I could just teach him how to clean a toilet....
    P.S. You changed your header, no?

  2. Fun! I especially love your movie quote.
    You get up 20 minutes before I do. ;)

  3. You do have an English mastiff? because they are adorable dogs. I know they are huge and slobber but I love big dogs!
    And for job title - I should have put WIFE. bc I think that is just like a MOM sometimes :)
    Sounds like you are an awesome chef!

  4. Hey Mindy! Yeah, I changed mt header, because I'm always changing something on my blog! It's the techy-geek in me.

    Amanda-Our dog Juno is the sweetest, laziest dog we have ever had. A perfect addition to our fast-paced family!

  5. I can't believe I have a typo in my comment after complaining about typos!

  6. You make zuppa? THAT IS MY FAVORITE!!!!

  7. that quote is one of my favorites too! hehe. and my oh my that is an early wake up! Reminds me of my days of working sales back in CA or my new mom life with a newborn:) Fun to read your list!

  8. I love that quote! Awesome movie!

  9. oooh recipe for the zuppa?? just had one up that looked delish but I'd love to see yours!


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