Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Dog Days of Summer

Aside from work and summer vacation for Husband and the kids, we've been pretty busy this month. I've still managed to paint a door, try some new recipes, take a few mini vacations and do a little shopping...

Right now I'm in the midst of planning our first beer tasting party. I'm kind of excited because we never really had a housewarming (with couples, that is) at the lakehouse, so it will be nice to have people over.

I've designed the invitations, we've decided on the menu and Husband has been busy growing his hops and making his beer. Life is never boring around here.

Here's my Instagram dump of what else we've been doing:

• Husband starting to condition our two swimmers
• I made Triple Berry Baked French Toast
• Our laptops lined up and ready for duty
• Husbands hop are growing
• A trip to Wisconsin Dells
• My stop at the Coach Outlet store
• Ingredients for delicious Zucchini Brownies
• New throw pillows for the living room
• Bucket-o-Salsa (homemade and delicious!)

Two weeks left until school starts in our neck of the woods! What's going on where you are?


  1. School starts for us next week! I am frantically running around trying to get everything done, last minute as usual!

  2. School has started, although mine are just in year 2 of preschool! I'm savoring this last year before they start kindergarten. That triple berry baked french toast looks amazing!! I'm hoping to find the recipe on here - I have a brunch this Sunday and that looks perfect!

  3. Hi, the french toast looks so good I almost licked the screen! YUM!! Looks like y'all have been busy! :)-Ashley

  4. Thanks for the prompting, I'll try to post the French Toast recipe this afternoon!


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