Friday, September 7, 2012

It Happens Every Year...

That one of my kids is home sick. So I'm doing quiet things, like designing and printing my youngest daughter's birthday invitations:

She wanted to have a movie-themed birthday party, so I'm getting all creative and scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to make it fun!

Speaking of Pinterest, because I speak of it are my latest 'pin feats' and only one 'flop.'

I've made ALOT of Banana Bread recipes, but this one was the bomb! (The frosting really made it that much better!)

On the healthier side, I made this Coleslaw recipe using all fresh ingredients from a friend's garden.

But in case you were thinking this was a Pinterest-brag session, no worries, not everything works out the way I might want it to. Especially if you don't read the directions ever so carefully...

Not all matches are matches. Did you know that? Well, if you make this homemade craft (or the one using the mason jar, which I did, make sure to buy "STRIKE ANYWHERE" matches. Because the ones I bought from the dollar store that came in a box DID. NOT.WORK.  (and of course the crafter said this in her post, but I was too excited to make it and didn't bother reading the details.)


How are your Pinterest pins coming along? Make anything neat lately? Let me know! :)


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