Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lakehouse Happenings

Summer for our family is always hectic! Fortunately I was able to find a little time for some small craft projects. Here are some pics and projects I wanted to share.

A Starbucks bottle ~ repurposed. My mom and I found something like this at a consignment store, I told her I could make her one (or three.)

Sometimes when we're all holed up together over the summer, we forget some fundamental rules. Husband and I decided subway art in the kitchen might be a good reminder.

Dragonflies. They were frequent guests at the lakehouse this summer.

My adirondack chairs. A surprise anniversary present from Husband. Awww...

A typical gorgeous sunset. A wonderful way to end the day. Hope your summer is going well!


  1. Your view is absolutely STUNNING!

  2. Oh wow! Looking at those pictures already gives me a relaxing feeling, what more if I actually lived there? I may never leave the patio because of that stunning view! I can see myself reading my favorite book while having a cup of coffee on those lawn chairs. =)


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