Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY: Countertop Transformation

I want to do this in my laundry room!

According to my research, I would have to spend about $250 in order to update my mustard-colored countertop.

Have you tried this? Some reviews on Amazon say it's a mess and a hassle. What are your thoughts?

Visit Rust-Oleum for more details.


  1. Suzanne, have you looked into just replacing that piece of countertop? If you're just talking about one piece of countertop, I don't think it would be much more than your estimate to re-finish. 6 years ago we replace our whole kitchen and the countertop was only about $600 installed.

  2. Marlene, I have thought about it and not yet shopped prices. There are fantastic looking laminates out there, (this I know from our last kitchen renovation.) Only thing is I would have to pay for labor too! Anyone think I can put in my own countertop?

  3. I have NO doubt you could do it! ;-) I ended up chosing laminate because of the cost and also it gave me the option of changing my mind and changing it out down the road without feeling too guilty. My $600 kitchen counters included instalation, a must for me! :)

  4. Two things...
    1. I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Solutions and LOVE it. But, I haven't tried the countertop kit.
    2. I'm likely alone in this, but I really like that vintagey mustard countertop...especially in a laundry room.
    3. You could also search "painted countertops". There are many affordable DIY options. I would LOVE to replace our tile countertops in our kitchen and bathrooms. 4" tile EVERYWHERE. I hate it.

  5. DIY projects are really cool. x)

  6. I've heard the countertop transformations work, but are definitely a temporary solution. I think you can easily find a piece and install your own countertop! It's easy, PROMISE. We replaced the countertop in our bathroom!

  7. I painted a counter in one of my old houses. I did a pattern so that I didn't have to worry about whether or not the paint went on smooth. I didn't use the special Rustoleum stuff. I just used 123, then painted it and used a waterproof polyurethane topcoat. It worked out pretty well. I used to work in a paint/wallpaper store and the owner said she did it and it lasted years and years.


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