Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Retail Specialist

The days that I'm not working from home, I'm usually out merchandising stores. I just worked at an 8th grade Career Fair last week and tried to explain exactly what a retail specialist does. Everyday seems to involve graphic design, photography and phone calls!

Sometimes, I design plan-o-grams and wall elevations:


Other times I'm moving things around and re-displaying them to help increase sales:

When I am at home, I might create an e-commerce store, design emails or create brochures for a client:

And if it's a particularly good day, I'm setting up client Facebook and Pinterest pages. :)

After six hours of talking, I wanted to say "Go to college and don't do drugs!" But seriously, in the end, it was a great opportunity to let students know that there are many great careers out there if you're willing to work hard and smart!


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