Friday, March 23, 2012

Earthquakes, Spring Fashion & Lemonade Pie

It's been crazy  in our little Midwestern town. We've had everyone from CNN to Fox News here reporting on the minor earthquake that has the people buzzing. The strange booming noises and shakes that started last Sunday night have the conspiracy theorists talking about everything from hidden bunkers to aliens! Yikes!

Even though Juno, the English Mastiff is pretty laid back, the strongest of the shakes did wake her up this past Monday night!

But aside from all the drama, our family was able to taste test a recipe from Pinterest; Pink Lemonade Pie. Yum. It was fabulous.

I've also started thinking about spring dresses and summer fashion since it's been unseasonably warm here (we're talking 70s to 80s, in March!) Talk about madness!

Don't you love this spring dress from H&M? Check out my other Spring pins on Pinterest.

Hope everyone else has had a less hectic week than our family! Enjoy your weekend!

Congrats to Shari Lynne who won the Re-tie giveaway! I'll be contacting you via email with details!

Totally LOVE this idea! so cute! My fave accessory is earrings:)

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  1. Ooh...earthquake rumblings are scary! My friend used to own a Bull Mastiff...biggest dog I've ever come eye-to-eye with...but, oh, so sweet! I have to make that Pink Lemonade Pie in the near future! What a cute dress from H & M...I need to shop their more often.


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