Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Great Gift Ideas For Christmas

Even though I didn't join the madness of Black Friday (I'm talking about those people who started at 10 pm on Thanksgiving night and into the wee hours of Friday,) I did my fair share of hitting the stores with my mom and my two girls.

I got to sit and chat with my mom as my 14 year old perused the YA books. (Here are my shoes again Beth!) We hit Old Navy, Aeropostale, Bath & Body and few other retailers. The next day I could be found with Husband and the family at basketball practice.

Do you remember me buying these shoes from Land's End? Yes, I still have them and yes those are fuzzy socks!

Yesterday I dropped by some really cool sites for some neat Christmas present ideas.

How about this Etch A Sketch iPad case from Think Geek for the techie you love? Umm, that would be me...

Aren't these PB & J throw pillows the cutest? Etsy always has unique gift ideas.

Maybe you want something sensible this Christmas? Like some pots and pans?

Calphalon pots and pans are amazing and you can find them at any fine retailer.

But for me, I would really love these, but they are way too expensive. I found them on a blog last year and still dream about owning a pair...but $100 buckaroos for Ugg slippers? Ugh, I don't think so...

So what's on your Christmas list? What did you buy already? Did you join the millions who raced around on Black Friday, or did you shop online from your own home on Cyber Monday?


  1. I was out at 11:30 pm Thanksgiving night, but not shopping...I was on the other side of the register, working! It was crazy to see so many people come out on Thanksgiving to shop. I love those photos of your shoes!

  2. you're so cute with the shoe shots :) we got a laptop on black friday, but we bought it online on wed night via best buy and got the black friday doorbuster sale. yeah buddy. we just stopped by the store on fri afternoon to pick it up :)

  3. I was standing in line at 6:30pm Thursday night at Toys R Us...

    And I want a Jordy Nelson jersey. :-)

  4. I love your shoes!!! And that Etch A Sketch iPad case is an awesome idea:-)

  5. I definitely did not hit the stores on Black Friday...I'm doing my shopping online. The main thing I want for Christmas this year is for my hubby to find a job! Been a LONG 7 months!

  6. I love the sheepskin slippers! I think that's a great gift for anyone.
    I've decided to keep my Christmas simple this year and get the family some cell phones as Tracfone is having lots of specials, like, free double or triple minutes for the life of the phone, free phone cards, etc.. I even got one for my mom and dad-in-law which is for seniors, a Tracfone SVC for $15 which has bigger letters and keys than regular phones.
    At least with on-line shopping I now have more time to enjoy my baking and playing with the kids and I'm not so stressed out.

  7. I actually do have new pots & pans on my list. My parents are giving us a gift card to get our own though. How funny that was on your post.
    My list i told my hub was a mini sewing machine to see if I even like to sew. And things to make fibro easier like heating pads.
    I'll be impressed if he gets me a card ha.

    I went black Friday shopping and got only for my hub & me. Now i'm last minute xmas shopping.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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