Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Life Gives You Cereal...

Either I am a DIY queen, or else I'm taking this thriftiness thing way too far. I'd been pinning some of these "letters" on Pinterest for awhile now, coveting how cute they looked.

Maillardville Manor

But I, in my cheapness refused to go out and buy these cardboard letters, no matter how inexpensive they were. So, I made my own from cereal boxes. Because my family eats a ton of cereal.

I kept patting myself on the back thinking that some kind of math should have been involved in this process, but for some reason I was able to miraculously make three letters of the same size. I couldn't find any tape (still stuck in a box somewhere since the move) so I ended up using staples. Just as good.

Then I couldn't decide whether I should paint them or not. I busted out the ORB and almost got spray paint in the eye...I basically ran out of paint and decided I didn't want to paint them...

Then I thought, let's turn this into a decoupage project for a six-year-old, how very "Mom of the Year" of me.

We ended up tearing old sheet music and Modge Podge-ing the whole thing. Yes!

Let's see: Modge Podge I've had for years: $0, Empty cereal boxes $0 (okay, we did have to pay for them, but we ate the cereal and we're only going to recycle the boxes anyway!) and old sheet music $0.

Hooray! It looks great! Now all I have to do is decide where to put them!


  1. love it!! and the cost....$0, you are a girl after my heart!!!

  2. So cute! I have several of the purchased variety. Might have to give your version a try!

  3. I am your newest follower on FaceBook and Pinterest.

  4. Wow, those are amazing! You are crafty and thrifty, my favorite combination!

    Thanks for the follow, I am following you back.

    Vicky @ http://messforless.blogspot.com

  5. They do look great! I love the idea to use sheet music!

  6. Great idea to use the sheet music! Can't wait to see where you put the letters.

  7. great work! I am also very thrifty and refuse to pay for those letters... yours look lovely!

    New follower too!


  8. what a great idea!!!

    i would love it if you would share this on my link party , Serenity Saturday over at www.serenityyou.blogspot.com


  9. How creative are you?! I would've never thought to use cereal boxes...brilliant! I'm your newest follower...loving your blog and all your wonderful ideas :)


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