Thursday, April 28, 2011

House Hunting...Again
Speaking of blooming where you're planted...we're house hunting. And before I get into that, I still wonder where exactly I'm supposed to be blooming... Midwest? East Coast? Down South? I've left the details to God, because as long as I'm with my family, it doesn't really matter.

House hunting is fun, but it can be incredibly stressful as well. Weighing the pros and cons, pondering what decision is the best one can take a lot out of a person.

Like I said, I don't delve into those details, I have enough of daily living to do and between Little League, softball, my work and oh, being married and raising three children and an enormous dog, I've got lots of stuff going on.

Because I'll use any excuse to window shop on the web, I thought I'd share some of my favorite design ideas. I love beadboard. Anywhere. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Doesn't matter. It's beautiful, simple, elegant and yet home-y.
I didn't mean to pick a kitchen with more beadboard, but I did, and I adore this banquet eating area. I want a "warm" kitchen. A place to hang out, with kids, while on the computer, with friends, etc. And can someone tell me why on earth I seem to spend so much time in the kitchen anyway? Hmph.

I also like the neutral paint color of the above pic. I've learned with all our moves (9 times in 16 years) that if you stay neutral in your main rooms, you have more flexibility to change it up during the different seasons. 'Cause I like to decorate and move furniture.
And how could I talk about home and decor without talking about Pottery Barn? I told my husband when we win that million dollars...we are shopping at PB for everything. There isn't a single thing there that I don't like. (Amazing how they make a stack of messy books look good!)

Well, that's just the start of my decor dreaming, I'll keep you posted on how the hunting goes...


  1. I am house selling. Ugh.
    Hope you find the perfect home!

  2. How exciting...sure wish we were to that point! We've been trying to sell our house now for about 17 LONG months. Lots of showings, just no offers. UGH! Keep us posted on any new developments!

  3. good luck!! :) i get so emotionally exhausted looking for a new home for us, and i'm sitll on the prowl in baltimore. ugh.

  4. I know the feeling of living in limbo, we are currently going through it ourselves. We may be heading to the West Coast soon but it isn't our plan, it's Gods so I try not to stress about it, easier said than done lol. Good luck lady and where ever you land that was where you were meant to be:-)

  5. Good luck finding and settling into a new place! I think I would have a hard time with all the packing and un-packing!

  6. Oh, my...another move? We've lived in our current home for 18 years. I would dread having to go through all of our junk in preparation of a move. At least you've got this moving thing down to a science, right? ;-)

    Who knows? Maybe you'll move closer to my area...I would LOVE that!

    Praying for you in the days ahead, sweet friend.

  7. Good luck, that can be overwhelming! That kitchen pic is AMAZING. And yah, when I stack my books up like that it just looks messy ;)

  8. I love white beadboard, and all these neutrals! You're right, you can switch out fun accessories for seasons! I get tired if I don't switch things up. Good luck house hunting!


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