Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Pie Layer Dessert

First off, I take absolutely no credit for this recipe. Whenever my family likes a new dish or dessert I make, I ask "And where did I get this recipe from?" They all respond with "Piiiinnnnnterest!!" Yes, Pinterest, where all us foodies gather for inspiration.

When describing this to friends, I struggled to say what it was. Is it pie or cake? Um, it's both? This magical dessert features a pumpkin pie bottom, a vanilla cake layer and a vanilla-pumpkin spiced whipped topping. (The magic is how the pumpkin pie filling sinks to the bottom!)

The only thing I did to this recipe is rename it for when I want to make it again. If you want to make it, you have to visit Shawn, at I Wash You Dry, because she created it and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this is!

This will definitely be served at Thanksgiving this year! Hope you try it!


  1. Holy cow. I just love the way it looks. So neat. I wonder if I could make it that neat. I might substitute homemade whipped cream for Cool Whip, but then again, maybe not! I'd like to try this.

    1. It was pretty easy to make considering how delicious it was! Yes, we ate it ALL!

  2. This cake pie is the bomb diggidy!!! ;) Yes, I just said that!!

  3. It's amazing how our vernacular can date ourselves! (Note: I've been saying "awesome!" since the 1980s, dude.)


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