Monday, June 17, 2013

Before & Afters: Garage Sale Finds

A few weeks ago our little town hosted its annual city-wide garage sale. It goes over like gangbusters. I kid you not. Even through rain, the die-hard treasure hunters will keep going in their cars.

For me and my cheapness thrifty-ness, it's better than a trip to Goodwill, and that's saying a lot!

What have I found at garage sales in the past? Well, let's have a look-see, shall we?

This pretty clock with its pretty gold and burgundy colors:

How about a little ORB spray paint? That took all of 20 minutes to makeover!

This mail organizer costed 50 cents. That's a steal!

A little white spray paint and chalkboard paint certainly gave it an updated look.

And of course the famous cheese domes and candlesticks.

From ugly to pretty with some more ORB!

Have you been to any garage sales this summer? What have you found?

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  1. Love them all! I think the mail sorter is my favorite. I love to re purpose items.


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