Monday, July 23, 2012

Back To School Organization

Trying to keep three kids organized can be a nightmare. I tried every possible system (including the file folder one, which looked cute, but the papers in the files were NEVER looked at! Out of sight out of mind?!)

This time, I decided to make use of the clipboards we already had (and thanks to Pinterest) ended up with a much better way to keep track of papers.

I found the perfect spot in our hallway, added these three hooks I found in the basement (free!) and went to work...

I used masking tape to cover the metal clip and heavy duty wire to hold the clip back so I could spray paint them.

Now they hang with all those important papers, notices etc. The hooks hold lunch boxes and lightweight jackets. Maybe this school year, I will be better organized!

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  1. This is a very cool idea! Thanks!

  2. Ha! I love clipboards! It holds my note book while I read my bible on my lap! It holds my recipe on the recipe book holder thingumy whatsit in the kitchen. It holds my tax returns that I'm checking in front of the TV... did I say that? oops.
    In from SITS.


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