Monday, May 21, 2012

"Life Is Better At The Lake" ~ A DIY Project

We finally moved to our lake house. We've been waiting for this for years, for the right place, the right time, etc.

But even better? I'd been waiting to make my lake house sign! I'd seen one at a store for $27 and could not get it out of my head! But I knew I could make one cheaper than that!

Husband and I purchased this sign from Goodwill for $1.99. I was looking for just the right sized board and the price couldn't be beat! It also had the hooks on it already...

I spray painted it with Rustoleum's Olive Green spray paint. It dried fast because there was a strong wind coming off the lake. It didn't matter if it wasn't perfect, because I wanted it to look older and weathered...

My friend cut out letters with her Cricut and I Modge-Podged them on...

I sanded the sides to make it look more rustic...

Ta-dah! I will probably spray it with a clear glaze. (We cannot get over the view here!)

Husband said it should hang in our kitchen so we can look at it everyday. I think he's right. Stay tuned as we remodel and decorate using very little money, repurposing what we have and getting our craft on...


  1. Jealous. Completely jealous. The water is beautiful. Someday I hope to be making the same sign. :o)

  2. Such a privilege to wake up to that kind of view every single day. *sigh* Love this diy project. Very useful. :)

    Just followed you on Google Friend Connect. Hope to get a follow back. :) TY

  3. This looks great! We have one of these at our lakehouse. Every lakehouse needs one. :)


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