Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I just got done reading the book 'Pinkalicious' to my daughter. A suitable book for a little girl who loves pink. This weekend, aside from fireworks and red, white and blue cake, Husband and I began to transform our littlest's bedroom.

The walls were painted white over a previous blue color. A no-no for our girly-girl. The carpet is actually gray, even though it looks blue-ish in this photo.

I'll name this color  'Cafe Au Lait.'

I found a color I loved from another paint store, shhh...had Lowe's match it (because they'd sent me a coupon) and saved the rest in an old PB jar. (Paint tip: keep the sticker, so they can scan the bar code to get the exact match if you need more paint!)

Then busted out some handy spray paint to paint the vent cover, switch plates and outlet covers...I'm still pouting over not being able to paint the woodwork white, but I'll get over it when I get all the accessories up and with the help of a neighbor, sew her a new comforter, which in the end will cost me $3.50!

Stay tuned for more posts on her room transformation...

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  1. Your daughter would soo get along with mine. she's totally girly-girl, loves pink, won't wear tennis shoes or shorts-mostly dresses and cute sandals and flats. Not sure how she got this way since I'm not a frilly kind of girl. Can't wait to see how your daughter's room turns out!

  2. you've got a big job ahead of you, AND a big reward!

    my girls love pinkalicious. last christmas they memorized it and put on a play for the family members. it was super cute!

  3. This is a great post! I can't wait to see more :)

  4. That Pinkalicious book just looks so cute!!!!
    Good luck on your house projects!

    I also love Montréal... Unfortunately, I don't live there, I live north (Côte-Nord)!

  5. I vowed to paint every room in my house. I did 2 small ones and now cant bring myself to do the big stuff. :(
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Ah, I have a little girl that would love nothing more than to do a "pinkalicious" room herself! Can't wait to see the finished room.

  7. k, you've got my attention!! I love a remodel of any space, room etc. and with the low costs and hand made bedding I am even more excited!! Good luck and can't wait to see it!!

  8. Oh, yummy color! Can't wait to see what you do.

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