Sunday, February 13, 2011

About Suzanne

Who am I?

I'm navigating motherhood like all other moms out there. But my life; my marriage, family and career are grounded in my growing faith and dependence on the Lord.

What do I do professionally?

After 12 years of being a SAHM, I began to freelance and consult retail businesses in the areas of merchandising, marketing, visual presentation, graphic design and online presence.

What about personally?

I'm a wife to Husband of 16 years.
I'm a mom with 3 kids. (Ages, 14, 11 and 7)
Our family owns Juno, our English Mastiff who we all love. She even had her own blog for awhile there...

When did blogging become a part of my life?

I've been blogging for almost 4 years.
Because of blogging, I discovered that I was a closet techie and spent hours learning the basics of web design and development.
I started with Blogger, went to Wordpress (the free version,) left Wordpress and came back to Blogger.
I'm in love with HTML.
My blog is my 'house' in the blogosphere.

This blog is about all the things I love, including DIY projects, decorating and design, things I cook or bake (I call them 'eats,') photos that I take, books I read, and other geeky, techie ideas or products that thrill me.

To my knowledge there are 126 million bloggers out there. I am just one tiny voice on the world wide web.