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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Great Gift Ideas For Christmas

Even though I didn't join the madness of Black Friday (I'm talking about those people who started at 10 pm on Thanksgiving night and into the wee hours of Friday,) I did my fair share of hitting the stores with my mom and my two girls.

I got to sit and chat with my mom as my 14 year old perused the YA books. (Here are my shoes again Beth!) We hit Old Navy, Aeropostale, Bath & Body and few other retailers. The next day I could be found with Husband and the family at basketball practice.

Do you remember me buying these shoes from Land's End? Yes, I still have them and yes those are fuzzy socks!

Yesterday I dropped by some really cool sites for some neat Christmas present ideas.

How about this Etch A Sketch iPad case from Think Geek for the techie you love? Umm, that would be me...

Aren't these PB & J throw pillows the cutest? Etsy always has unique gift ideas.

Maybe you want something sensible this Christmas? Like some pots and pans?

Calphalon pots and pans are amazing and you can find them at any fine retailer.

But for me, I would really love these, but they are way too expensive. I found them on a blog last year and still dream about owning a pair...but $100 buckaroos for Ugg slippers? Ugh, I don't think so...

So what's on your Christmas list? What did you buy already? Did you join the millions who raced around on Black Friday, or did you shop online from your own home on Cyber Monday?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When Life Gets A Hold Of You...

I wish I could say "you haven't heard from me because I was away on a Mediterranean cruise; or hiking the Andes or even on vacation," but it's because I've been so busy working. Or living in real life.

The last few weeks have been strewn with four birthday celebrations, a huge snowfall, a thaw, working away from home, working from home, a dentist visit for all three kids, piano lessons, parent teacher conferences and all the other in between things that keeps life a buzzin'. (See, you're all caught up.)

For goodness sakes, I haven't even had a chance to take many pictures with my new Nikon D3000 SLR.


It's just that way sometimes. In fact as I was saying "see you next week" to one of my piano students last night, the office manager at the school of music where I teach said, "umm, there's no classes next week because of Thanksgiving..."

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving.

And yet I am so thankful, I was belting out "Give Thanks" at the piano the other day, apparently too loud, that the neighbors overheard me and actually stopped raking their leaves. Yeesh.

But I am, so thankful that is, for:

Husband, our three children, a sweet, yet neurotic 130 lb. English Mastiff, my new found work, the fact that we live in a state with four seasons and that last week's 5 inches of snow was just a hint of what's to come. (We love Christmas in the Midwest.)

There's more, but you don't need to hear it all.

So in case life gets a hold of me again, which I think I hear a 12 lb. turkey calling my name, have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. :)

{photo: The little pond that runs through our tiny Midwest town.}