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Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's A Cupcake Decorating (Birthday) Party

When you're celebrating a nine-year-old's birthday, there's nothing better than using every girly/pretty color that's out there.

Finding the theme and inspiration was easy with Pinterest and a purchase of cheap party lanterns!

And even though I'm still a believer in going big on the decor and food, I try to keep the cost down by being creative and shopping various dollar stores.

Lanterns: Originally $8, clearance $2: Family Dollar Stores. Streamers: $1 each.

Clearance glass containers for sprinkles: 25 cents each. Sprinkles from a local bulk food store: aprrox. $1.50 per container.

Girly storage/tackle box filled with gummy worms and fish candy: $1.99 on clearance at Shopko stores.

Paper goods: all $1.00; Cupcake wrappers: $1.50 (Wilton); frosting: Homemade Buttercream. Find the recipe here.

Vinyl Tablecloths (3): 25 cents each on clearance: Dollar General stores. I used three and as each one got dirty, I rolled it up and tossed it. (They made it through cupcake decorating, the girls putting on nail polish and breakfast.)

Homemade Tissue Paper Pom Poms or Flowers: tutorial here, price varied for tissue paper. Cupcake PiƱata: $11.97 Walmart stores.

This was the 'Breakfast Bar,' with two cereals, cut up strawberries, chopped walnuts and mini dehydrated marshmallows. Marshmallows: $1.87 from bulk food store. Used two plastic ice cream scoops to serve cereal: $1.00 each at Dollar Tree Stores. Did I mention it was a sleepover?

Inspired by Pinterest and these lantern colors, I'd say this was a successful birthday party!

Until the next party...

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Last Baby...

In about a week, our youngest child will turn nine. Wow. I've heard many moms say that "time flies," how "they grow so fast," and I'd grab these nuggets of wisdom and store them away in the back of mind. Not forgetting them, but processing them over the years. I've done this for almost 16 years.

But it only occurred to me (in a heart-wrenching way) a couple of weeks ago that we also have a sophomore in the house and her days of living at home are dwindling away. :(

And it also only hit me a little while back when friends were visiting with their two and four-year-old sons, that my days of toddlerhood and preschoolers are gone forever...

(Suffice it to say, when I sat on the floor with the two-year-old boy singing Row Row Your Boat, I relished in the moment!)

So now it's my turn, when you think you'll be changing diapers forever and never getting a moment to yourself, remember this is just one season of your life. Revel in it, because sooner than you think, you'll actually reminisce about the tough moments and grin and when you think back to the better times, it will be bittersweet.

But this post is a celebration of growing up. About how we all grow up, even our last baby. One day the dolls will be stored away in our basement, the dog won't have someone to sit with on the floor, that the days of putting up streamers and decorating cupcakes will be memories of my kids' childhoods.

And because this is our third child, I did relish every moment, I did secretly smile at the antics, holding my hand over my heart (the way Husband often does when he talks about our beloved children.)

What a privilege to have children in the house, making it a home...

Friday, September 6, 2013

What Do You Do All Day?

Has anyone every asked you that? Or insinuated that maybe you didn't do much because you're a SAHM? Then you need to read this book.

A few weeks ago (when I was away on a week-long business trip) I was able to start Amy Scheibe's novel "What Do You Do All Day?" about a stay-at-home mom who was struggling with her decision about leaving the "working" world and choosing to stay at home with her two children instead.

Her adaptation of mommy hood hit the nail on the head. She didn't sugarcoat it, or pretend by any means that mothering was the easy road taken. In fact, some days it was incredibly draining. (I sense she had hands-on experience with this topic.)

I mean, on a tiny side note, as a mom, who has time to read a book anyway? If you work outside the home, you are exhausted when you get home because you face all that your family and home demands.

But if you stay at home, you're either up to your neck in diapers or the messes your children have created and ready to secretly run screaming out the door when your husband arrives. (Don't judge me, I have three kids.)

And let's not delude ourselves that working from home is a treat either, because somehow laundry and dust bunnies are always calling your name as is your computer/phone/clients etc all at the same time.

I'm almost done and have enjoyed reading this book, but if it takes me another few weeks to finish it, don't think it's because I'm a slow reader, it's probably because the oven/dog/softball, baseball, play, swim team practices are beckoning.