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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lakehouse Happenings

Summer for our family is always hectic! Fortunately I was able to find a little time for some small craft projects. Here are some pics and projects I wanted to share.

A Starbucks bottle ~ repurposed. My mom and I found something like this at a consignment store, I told her I could make her one (or three.)

Sometimes when we're all holed up together over the summer, we forget some fundamental rules. Husband and I decided subway art in the kitchen might be a good reminder.

Dragonflies. They were frequent guests at the lakehouse this summer.

My adirondack chairs. A surprise anniversary present from Husband. Awww...

A typical gorgeous sunset. A wonderful way to end the day. Hope your summer is going well!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fall Fashion

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pinterest Feats & Flops

As addicted as I am to Pinterest, I've learned that not everything on its site makes for a successful project. I decided to share my Pinterest "hits" and "misses" (and there will be plenty more, I promise!) Some projects/recipes have turned out well, others, not so much...

1. How to clean your Dyson vacuum cleaner? A HUGE success! With three kids and a massive dog, my vacuum better work! After following these tips, it's like brand new (and our vacuum doesn't stink like dog anymore, bonus!)

I don't know why I waited so long to paint furniture, I think I was just being a chicken. I learned a lot during this process, like how you shouldn't waste your time sanding especially if parts of your furniture are not real wood...use a deglosser instead! And if you want that Pottery Barn look (with the wood showing through) don't use a primer!

Saved me a lot of time, I tell ya. And the result was still great! Most of my pins recommended using a primer (which I bought, btw) I might pay the price in the end, since I didn't prime, but my furniture is not high traffic furniture like a table or chairs, so hopefully it will be okay.

This Spaghetti Recipe received high praise in our house last night! :) Creamy delicious-ness, a definite keeper...

And then there were the others... the verdict's still out on this crockpot bread pudding recipe. It's still in the crockpot as I type this, (an hour more than the recipe called for, it was still soupy and the eggs weren't cooked!) Is it me, my crockpot or what? (Is it because I omitted the whiskey?!)

How about this super cute DIY workout shirt tutorial? Have you seen it? No sew, easy-peasy...

Super cute...if you're my 14-year-old daughter. On me, it made me look like a female body builder, who stopped body building. Not attractive.

So, I guess in the end, to Pin, or not Pin, that is the real question...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy For Quatrefoil

I didn't realize how popular quatrefoil was until I was contacted by the Lenox Corporation, (America's leading tabletop and giftware brand) and introduced to this pattern. Lenox offers a five-piece place setting with the quatrefoil pattern in their fine china:

Of course! I've seen this pattern all over the internet...

Elegant pendant light from Layla Grace...

I remember pinning this kitchen tile...gorgeous!

Why do I not have this coverlet and shams from Gracious Style? They're sooo pretty!

Visit Lenox online and you can own this gorgeous pattern for yourself! While you're there, take a look around, Lenox also offers an array of beautiful patterns in their casual dinnerware.

Follow Lenox on Facebook and Pinterest and see how their commitment to quality and design makes them so respected in their industry!

*DISCLAIMER: I was sent two free place settings from the Lenox Corporation. I received no monetary compensation for this post. Any opinions stated are strictly my own.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On My Day Off I Would Wear This

On my day off...

Dorothy Perkins white t shirt

H M short jacket
$47 - hm.com

J Brand skinny jeans

Toms shoes

Coach bag

Hoop earrings
$28 - debenhams.com

Cotton scarve
$50 - welikefashion.com